Vol. 14, No.3, Fall 2009 (#55)

Russell Edson, Norman Ollestad, William T. Vollmann, Barbara Guest, Andrei Codrescu and much more... purchase now


RUSSELL EDSON: Special Event of the Mind | interviewed by Louis E. Bourgeois
NORMAN OLLESTAD: Crazy for the Storm | interviewed by Allan Vorda


William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch at 50 | by Jonah Raskin
Joe Brainard: The World as Nancy | by Richard Hell

Cover artwork by Joe Brainard


Chapbook Corner | reviewed by Noah Eli Gordon
The New Life | by Gary Sullivan
Last Laugh | by Louis Phillips & Robert Milgrom



A Meaningful Life | L. J. Davis | by Colin Fleming
Rose Alley | Jeremy M. Davies | by Vincent Czyz
Berlin | Michael Mirolla | by Daniel Story
Desert | J. M. G. Le Clézio | by Kevin Carollo
Elliott | Tobin Sprout | by Will Clemens
The Thing Around Your Neck | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | by Kara Mason
The Feline Plague | Maja Novak | by Kristin Thiel
Mrs. Somebody Somebody | Tracy Winn | by Amy Halloran
AM/PM | Amelia Gray | by Monica McFawn
Waste | Eugene Marten | by Jeff Bursey
Dark Places | Gillian Flynn | by Spencer Dew
Genesis | Bernard Beckett | by Bob Hussey


Imperial | William T. Vollmann | by Tim Jacobs
The Posthuman Dada Guide | Andrei Codrescu | by John-Ivan Palmer
The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work | Alain de Botton | by Scott F. Parker
The Whole Five Feet | Christopher R. Beha | by Alyssa Pelish
The Program Era | Mark McGurl | by Steve Healey
The Invisible Dragon | Dave Hickey | by Suzann Clemens
Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds | Chad Sweeney, ed. | by Rachel Mennies
The Importance of Being Iceland | Eileen Myles | by Elizabeth Robinson
The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film | Steven M. Sanders, ed. | by Jo Ann Circosta
The Blue Tattoo | Margot Mifflin | by Spencer Dew
Shopping for Porcupine | Seth Kantner | by Krista Eastman
Role Models | Susan Fisher Sterling, et al | by Noelle McCleaf


See Jack | Russell Edson | by Julie Babcock
Paris Spleen | Charles Baudelaire | by Laird Hunt
Breakfast with Thom Gunn | Randall Mann | by Miguel Murphy
Magenta Soul Whip | Lisa Robertson | by Katie Fowley
Little Oceans | Tony Hoagland | by Abby Travis
Use Trouble | Michael S. Harper | by Michael A. Antonucci
New Exercises | Franck André Jamme | by Stephen Burt
The Prison Poems | Miguel Hernández | by George Kalamaras
The Ginkgo Light | Arthur Sze | by John Herbert Cunningham
Censory Impulse | Erica Kaufman | by Divya Victor
Eschaton | Michael Heller | by Robert Zaller
The Collected Poems of Barbara Guest | Barbara Guest | by Tyrone Williams


The Beats | Paul Buhle, ed. | by Ryder W. Miller
Far Arden | Kevin Cannon | by John Eisler
Nocturnal Conspiracies | David B. | by John Pistelli

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