Vol. 13, No.4, Winter 2008 (#52)

James Wood, Harold Jaffe, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Julia Blackburn, André Breton, Scott McCloud, Sandman, and much more... purchase now


Harold Jaffe | interviewed by Larry Fondation

James Wood | interviewed by Amy Halloran

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore | interviewed by Jessica Hoffmann

State-to-State Poets Exchange: William Waltz | interviewed by Robert Casper & Eric Lorberer


Cover artwork by Dave McKean

20th Anniversary of Sandman!:
Shepherding the Sandman | an interview with Karen Berger
Anniversary Wishes for Neil Gaiman and Sandman | by Holly Black, Michael Swanwick, and Daniel Handler
Gaiman Watch:
The Graveyard Book  | by Neil Gaiman
Prince of Stories  | by Hank Wagner, Christopher Golden, & Stephen R. Bissette
The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch  | by Neil Gaiman & Michael Zulli
The Dangerous Alphabet  | by Neil Gaiman

PLUS: The New Life by Gary Sullivan



Anathem | Neal Stephenson |  by Alice Dodge
Apologies Forthcoming  | Xujun Eberlein |  by Lucas Klein
Motel Girl  | Greg Sanders |  by Alicia L. Conroy
The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts    Carl Watson     by Tim W. Brown
The Reverend’s Apprentice   |   David N. Odhiambo   |   by Spencer Dew
Journals from the Time of the Radar Dog   |   Pat Lawrence   |   by Kane X. Faucher
Down and Out on Murder Mile  |    Tony O’Neill   |   by Mark Edmund Doten
Yesterday’s Weather   |   Anne Enright   |   by Amy Halloran
2666   |   Roberto Bolaño   |    by Scott Bryan Wilson
Medea    | Euripedes   |   by William Alexander
The School on Heart’s Content Road   |   Carolyn Chute   |    by Jim Kozubek
Remember Love    |   Jody Lisberger   |    by Charles Dodd White
The Young Man From Savoy   |   C-F Ramuz   |   by Laird Hunt
The Tsar’s Dwarf    |   Peter H. Fogtdal  |    by Poul Houe
The Pearl Jacket and Other Stories   |    Shouhua Qi, ed.   |   by Janet Brown
The Hunger Games  |    Suzanne Collins  |    by Kelly Everding
Pretty Monsters   |    Kelly Link   |    by Joseph Martin
Goth: A Novel of Horror   |   Otsuichi   |    by William Alexander


Martinique: Snake Charmer   |   André Breton   |   by George Kalamaras
The Three of Us    |   Julia Blackburn   |    by Nor Hall
Reading Boyishly   |   Carol Mavor   |    by Spencer Dew
Landscape of Slavery   |   Angela D. Mack & Stephen G. Hoffius, eds.   |    by Deborah Karasov
Spiral Jetta    |   Erin Jogan
On Zion’s Mount   |   Jared Farmer   |    by Burke Bindbeutel
Backstory in Blue    |   John Fass Morton |     by W. C. Bamberger
The New Psychology of Love  |    Robert J. Sternberg & Karin Weis, eds.   |   by Jesse Freedman
Moral Relativism    | Steven Lukes   |    by John Toren
Mixing It Up   |   Ishmael Reed   |    by W. C. Bamberger
Can You Ever Forgive Me?   |   Lee Israel   |    by Burke Bindbeutel
Born Standing Up  |    Steve Martin   |    by Ryan Cleland
681 Lexington Avenue   |   Elizabeth Von Vogt   |    by C. Natale Peditto
Moving Targets   |   Stephen Kessler   |    by Jonah Raskin


The Romantic Dogs   |   Roberto Bolaño   |   by John Bradley
Lilies Without   |   Laura Kasischke    |   by Courtney Queeney
The Shadow of Sirius   |   W. S. Merwin    |   by Colin Williams
Poems for New Orleans    Edward Sanders     by Darrin Daniel
On Purpose   |   Nick Laird   |    by Salvatore Ruggiero
Matching Half   |   Anne Waldman, Akilah Oliver, & Ambrose Bye   |   by Mark Terrill
The Border Kingdom   |   D. Nurkse  |    by Niina Pollari
Best Thought, Worst Thought    Don Paterson    by John Bradley
Rubber Side Down  |  José Gouveia, ed.     |    by Stephan Delbos
Visual Poetry in the Avant Writing Collection    |   John M. Bennett, ed.  |    by Jeff Hansen
Age of the Demon Tools   |   Mark Spitzer   |   by Joseph P. Wood


Zot! 1987-1991    |   Scott McCloud   |   by Stephen Burt
Alan’s War   |   Emmanuel Guibert  |    by Niels Stranskov

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