Vol. 13, No.3, Fall 2008 (#51)

David Hajdu, Gordon Ball, Frank Stanford, Toni Morrison, James Tate, Bobbie Lousie Hawkins, and much more... purchase now


David Hajdu: Journal of the Plague Years | interviewed by Eric Lorberer
Gordon Ball: A Life Discovering Itself | interviewed by Eric J. Iannelli


Kenneth Goldsmith’s American Trilogy | by Steven Zultanski
You by Frank Stanford | reviewed by Erik Anderson
Dream of the Alluvial Field: an interview with Bill Willett | by J. Peter Moore
| with photographs  by David Nester
Behind the Blue Yodel | by J. Peter Moore
It Wasn’t A Dream, It Was A Flood | by Greg Bachar

Cover portrait of Frank Stanford by Ginny Stanford


Widely Unavailable: Uncle Sam, The Monopoly Man | by Richard Kostelanetz
The New Life by Gary Sullivan
The SPD Bestseller List
Chapbook Corner | by Noah Eli Gordon



Man in the Dark | Paul Auster | by Michael Lindgren
Fall of Frost | Brian Hall | by Susan Buechler
The Frozen Thames | Helen Humphreys | by Ellen Orleans
Beijing Coma | Ma Jian | by Vincent Rossmeier
Say You’re One of Them | Uwem Akpan | by Spencer Dew
Netherland | Joseph O’Neill | by John Lingan
Blankety Blank | D. Harlan Wilson | by Kevin Riordan
Taxi | Khaled Al Khamissi | by David Wiley
A Richer Dust | Amy Boaz | by Kristin Thiel
Absolutely Eden | Bobbie Louise Hawkins | by Mark Terrill


What Moves At The Margin | Toni Morrison | by Charlotte Kelly
A Power Stronger Than Itself | George E. Lewis | by W. C. Bamberger
The 99th Monkey | Eliezer Sobel | by Kelly Everding
Circling Home | John Lane | by Rebecca L. Godwin
The Monster Loves His Labyrinth | Charles Simic | by Mary Akers
A World of Gangs | John M. Hagedorn | by C. Natale Peditto
Chance and Circumstance: Twenty Years with Cage and Cunningham | Carolyn Brown | by Douglas Messerli
Lyric & Spirit | Hank Lazer | by Elizabeth Robinson
The Tree of Meaning | Robert Bringhurst | by W. C. Bamberger


The Ghost Soldiers | James Tate | by Julie Babcock
Night Scenes | Lisa Jarnot | by Joseph Bradshaw
Tau | Philip Lamantia and Journey To The End | John Hoffman | by Thomas Rain Crowe
Rimertown: An Atlas | Laura Walker | by Karla Kelsey
Colosseum | Katie Ford | by Jason Ericson
Mommy Must be a Fountain of Feathers | Kim Hyesoon | by Dobby Gibson
Stroke | Sidney Wade | by Vincent Czyz
Quickly Changing River | Meena Alexander | by Daniela Gioseffi
Envelope of Night | Michael Burkard | by Steve Healey
The Chieko Poems | Takamura Kotaro and The Modern Fable | Nishiwaki Junzaburo | by George Kalamaras
Textures | Brian Schorn | by Christine Hume


Apocalypse Nerd | Peter Bagge | by David Kennedy-Logan
Funeral of the Heart | Leah Hayes | by Ken Chen


Lawrence Weiner: As Far As The Eye Can See | by Jan Estep
An Interview with Wing Young Huie | by Patricia Briggs
Paul Shambroom: Picturing Power | by Alice Dodge
Walter Pfeiffer: Night and Day | by George Slade
Allan Kaprow: Art As Life | by Joan Rothfuss

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