Vol. 13, No.2, Summer 2008 (#50)

Ron Hansen, Kevin Prufer, Helen Adam, Christine Schutt, Giorgio Agamben, Dale Pendell, and much more... purchase now


Kevin Prufer | interviewed by Chad Parmenter
State-to-State Poets Exchange: Christina Davis | interviewed by Robert Casper & Eric Lorberer
Ron Hansen | interviewed by Allan Vorda & Wipanan Chaichanta


Hard Case Crime | by Brian Evenson
Albert Hofmann: An Appreciation | by Rob Couteau


The New Life  | by Gary Sullivan
Widely Unavailable: Italian American Literature  | by Dennis Barone
From the Backlist: Zodiac | Neal Stephenson by Bob Hussey
Chapbook Corner by Noah Eli Gordon



Knowledge of Hell | António Lobo Antunes |  by Micaela Morrissette
It Was Like My Trying to Have a Tender-Hearted Nature | Diane Williams | by Michael Jauchen
The Lost Books of the Odyssey | Zachary Mason |  by Steven Wingate
All Souls  | Christine Schutt |  by Scott Bryan Wilson
The Ravine  | Nivaria Tejera |  by Douglas Messerli
Mandarins  | Ryunosuke Akutagawa |  by Janet Brown
The Edge of Europe  | Pentti Saarikoski |  by John Lingan
Lemur  | Tom Bradley |  by John-Ivan Palmer
A House of Girls  | Thomas Rain Crowe |  by Rebecca L. Godwin
Spring Awakening | Frank Wedekind
Spring Awakening | Steven Sater | by Justin Maxwell
Dictation  | Cynthia Ozick |  by David Wiley
Flet | Joyelle McSweeney |  by Talia Reed
Blaugast | Paul Leppin |  by Greg Bachar
The Haunted House | Rebecca Brown |  by Elizabeth Rollins
Paths of Sanctuary | Ihsan Bracy |  by Kristin Thiel


Melville: The Making of the Poet  | Hershel Parker |  by Spencer Dew
Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World Beseiged | Roger Scruton |  by John Toren
Walter Benjamin’s Archive  | Walter Benjamin |  by W.C. Bamberger
Let’s Talk About Love  | Carl Wilson |  by Megan Doll
The Third Sex  | Willy
Gay Artists in Modern American Culture  | Michael S. Sherry  |  by Douglas Messerli
Lamentations of Youth: the Diaries of Gershom Scholem 1913-1919 | Anthony David Skinner, ed. |  by W. C. Bamberger
The Several Lives of Joseph Conrad | John Stape |  by Spencer Dew
Profanations | Giorgio Agamben |  by Rusty Morrison
Black Glasses Like Clark Kent | Terese Svoboda |  by Andi Diehn
Bohemian New Orleans | Jeff Weddle |  by C. Natale Peditto
Comeback Season  | Cathy Day |  by Michael Fallon
Walking with Nobby | Dale Pendell |  by Nor Hall


The Fortieth Day | Kazim Ali |  by Miguel Murphy
Annoying Diabetic Bitch | Sharon Mesmer |  by Tim W. Brown
Awe | Dorothea Lasky |  by Katie Fowley
Breathalyzer | K. Silem Mohammad |  by Jack Morgan
Beloved Integer | Michelle Naka Pierce |  by Tim Inman
Black Dog, Black Night | Nguyen Do & Paul Hoover, eds. |  by John Bradley
The Halo Rule | Teresa Leo |  by Marj Hahne
Degrees of Latitude | Laurel Blossom |  by Daniela Gioseffi
For Girls (& Others) | Shanna Compton |  by Nate Pritts
A Primer on Parallel Lives | Dan Gerber |  by Robert Baldwin
A Helen Adam Reader | Helen Adam |  by Norman Finkelstein
Figures for a Darkroom Voice | Noah Eli Gordon & Joshua Marie Wilkinson | by Colin Momeyer
Souls of the Labadie Tract  | David Grubbs and Susan Howe |  by Christine Hume


Tonoharu | Lars Martinson |  by Donald Lemke
Graphic Witness | Frans Masereel, Lynd Ward, Giacomo Patri, & Laurence Hyde |  by Eric Lorberer
Rex Libris: I, Librarian  | James Turner |  by William Alexander

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