Vol. 13, No.1, Spring 2008 (#49)

Amiri Baraka, Elizabeth Hardwick, Francis Picabia, Adrienne Rich, and much more...purchase now


Amiri Baraka: Defending the Language | interviewed by Leonard Schwartz


Elizabeth Hardwick (1916-2007) | by Kate Zambreno
Francis Picabia:
The Artwork Caught by the Tail | by George Baker and I Am A Beautiful Monster by Francis Picabia | essay by Johannes Göransson
The Spider: America’s Prophetic Epic of Terrorism | by Stuart Hopen


Chapbook Corner: Cross-Genre Creations by Noah Eli Gordon



Omega Minor | Paul Verhaeghen | by John Isaac Lingan
The Waitress Was New | Dominique Fabre | by Megan Doll
The Alpine Fantasy of Victor B and Other Stories | Jeremy Akerman & Eileen Daly, eds. | by Spencer Dew
A Curious Earth | Gerard Woodward | by Donald Revell
Bowl of Cherries | Millard Kaufman | by Jay Gabler
Without Wax | William Walsh | by Blake Butler
All Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well | Tom Wodicka | by Levi Teal
Today I Wrote Nothing | Daniil Kharms | by John Bradley
Through the Windshield | Michael DeCapite | by Jocko Weyland
Dangerous Laughter | Steven Millhauser | by John Matthew Fox
Farewell, Shanghai | Angel Wagenstein | by Lucas Klein
The Desert Remains | Charles C. Poling | by Kristin Thiel
Guilty | Anna Kavan | by Kate Zambreno
Three Plays | N. Scott Momaday | by Justin Maxwell


Circadian | Joanna Klink | by James Berger
American Music | Chris Martin | by Michael Lindgren
A Bedroom Occupation | Mark Scott | by Kevin Cantwell
Lingos I-IX | Ulf Stolterfoht | by Kevin Carollo
Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth | Adrienne Rich | by Clayton Eshleman
The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen | Michael Rothenberg, ed. | by Dale Smith
Magdalena | Maureen Gibbon | by Kristina Marie Darling
How Far Light Must Travel | Judi K. Beach | by Marj Hahne
Sign David Mutschlecner | by John Findura
Return to Calm | Jacques Réda | by Daniela Hurezanu


Eye Mind | Paul Drummond | by Allan Vorda
My Unwritten Books | George Steiner | by W.C. Bamberger
I To Myself | Henry D. Thoreau | by Spencer Dew
Memoirs of the Life of Monsieur de Voltaire | Voltaire | by Laird Hunt
Orpheus in the Bronx | Reginald Shepherd | by Matthew Cheney
Objectivity | Lorraine Daston & Peter Galison, eds. | by W.C. Bamberger
Jacques Vaché and the Roots of Surrealism | Franklin Rosemont | by Greg Bachar
The Long Embrace | Judith Freeman | by Ryder W. Miller
Ask Me Now | Sascha Feinstein, ed. | by Steven Wingate
Notes on the Occupation | Eric Hazan | by John Pistelli
Will’s Will | Simon Trussler
Becoming Shakespeare | Jack Lynch
Shakespeare Unbound | René Weis | by William Alexander


Amulet: The Stonekeeper | Kazu Kibuishi | by Donald Lemke
Incognegro | Mat Johnson & Warren Pleece | by Stacy Tirones
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home | Joss Whedon, et. al | by Rudi Dornemann


After the Revolution: Women Who Transformed Contemporary Art | Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal, and Sue Scott | by Patricia Briggs
Architecture of Authority | Richard Ross | by George Slade
Realizing the Impossible | Josh MacPhee and Erik Reuland, eds.
Street Art and the War on Terror | Eleanor Mathieson, ed. | by Christina Schmid
Mel Bochner | Johanna Burton | by Aaron Van Dyke

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