Vol. 12, No.1, Spring 2007 (#45)

Rae Armantrout, Jeff Vandermeer, Brian Evenson, Mary Ann Caws, Cesar Vallejo, and much more... purchase now


Rae Armantrout | interviewed by Stephen Burt & Linnea Ogden
Jeff VanderMeer | interviewed by Rod Smith


César Vallejo: Two Translations | by John Bradley
Javier Marías: Writing Into Life | by Scott Bryan Wilson


The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan
The Chapbook Corner | by Noah Eli Gordon
Widely Unavailable: Madwoman? | by Emily Harvin | reviewed by Maria Christoforatos
From the Backlist: Amy Lowell: Selected Poems | reviewed by Richard Kostelanetz


Bookworm  | Rosamond Purcell | by Glenn Gordon
Absolute Wilson    |  Katharina Otto-Bernstein   |    by Tony Nadler
Amy Cutler   |   Lisa D. Freiman   |    by Jan Estep
Transmission: The Art of Matta and Gordon Matta-Clark    |   Briony Fer, Betti-sue Hertz, Justo Pastor Mellado, Anthony Vidler   |    by Mason Riddle
Where We Live: Photographs of America from the Berman Bollection    |  Judith Keller and Anne Lacoste, eds.   |    by Deborah Karasov



The Grand Piano   |   Bob Perelman, Barrett Watten, et. al   |   by Maria Damon
Cursed From Birth   |   William Burroughs, Jr.   |    by Tim W. Brown
Sunswumthru A Building   |   Bob Arnold |     by Mark Terrill
Encyclopedia: Volume 1 A-E   |   Tisa Bryant, Miranda F. Mellis, and Kate Schatz, eds.   |   by Pedro Ponce
Academonia   |   Dodie Bellamy   |   by Ed Taylor
Surprised in Translation   |   Mary Ann Caws   |   by Lucas Klein
Gravity's Rainbow Illustrated: One Picture for Every Page    |   Zak Smith   |    by David Wiley
Own Death    |  Péter Nádas   |   by Spencer Dew
The Cult of Pharmacology    |   Richard De Grandpre   |   by Andrew Benedict-Nelson
James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life Of Alice B. Sheldon    |   Julie Phillips   |   by Kevin Carollo
Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties   |   Robert Stone   |   by Mark Terrill


The Little Girl and the Cigarette    |  Benoit Duteurtre | by Katie Harger
Fangland    |  John Marks   |    by Jessica Bennett
Soon the Rest Will Fall    |  Peter Plate   |    by Tim W. Brown
Ice   |   Vladimir Sorokin   |    by Scott Esposito
The Open Curtain   |   Brian Evenson   |   by Hadley Ross
Trial of Flowers   |   Jay Lake   |    by William Alexander
Fires    |  Nick Antosca   |    by Matthew Cheney
America's Report Card    |  John McNally   |    by Thomas Kalb
Return to Manure   |   Raymond Federman   |    by Daniela Hurezanu
Travels in the Scriptorium    |  Paul Auster   |    by Dennis Barone
Paradise    |  Koji Suzuki   |    by Brian Evenson
Can't Catch Me   |  Michael Cadnum   |    by Amelie Bertram
Martian Dawn   |   Michael Friedman   |    by Richard Roundy
Twilight   |   William Gay   |    by Matthew Duffus


Poems (1945-1971)   |   Miltos Sachtouris    |   by George Kalamaras
Hapax   |   A.E. Stallings   |    by Kevin Cantwell
Toward the Distant Islands   |   Hayden Carruth    |   by Robert Zaller
The Men    |  Lisa Robertson   |    by Erik Anderson
Talk Shows   |   Mónica de la Torre    |   by Amanda Nadelberg
Living Room    |   Geoff Bouvier  |    by Jordan Sanderson
Darling Vulgarity    |   Michael Waters   |    by Katherine Hollander
Blood Autumn    |   Daniela Gioseffi |     by Maria Terrone
Other Fugitives and Other Strangers   |   Rigoberto González   |    by Miguel Murphy
The Cow   |   Ariana Reines   |    by Lara Glenum


Glacial Period   |   Nicolas De Crecy   |   by Yves Reisender
Recidivist    |  Zak Sally   |   by Brian Evenson
Robotika   |   Alex Sheikman and Joel Chua   |   by Rudi Dornemann
Cravan     | Mike Richardson and Rick Geary   |    by James Sindell

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