Vol. 11, No.1, Spring 2006 (#41)

Stephen Wright, Tyehimba Jess, Brenda Hillman, Charles Bernstein, Harold Jaffe, Jackson Mac Low and more... purchase now


Tyehimba Jess | interviewed by Andrew Ervin
Stephen Wright | interviewed by Scott Bryan Wilson


Did the Novel Die? (And Would We Know?) | essay by R.M Berry
Considering Chapbooks & Chapbook Corner | by Noah Eli Gordon


The New Life: a comic by Gary Sullivan
Widely Unavailable: The Prose Poem: An International Anthology edited by Michael Benedikt | by Jon Spayde

Spring Art Feature: VACUM Attachment

Angel's World | Michael Lesy | by Glenn Gordon
Why Write About Art? | essay by Jan Estep

The Accident of Art
| Paul Virilio
and The Conspiracy of Art | Jean Baudrillard | by Andrew Knighton

The Weather and a Place To Love
| Steven B. Smith | by Alex Starace
I Hope You Are All Happy Now | Nicholas Zinner | by Michael Fallon



Total Chaos | Jean-Claude Izzo | by Kevin Carollo
Atomik Aztex | Sesshu Foster | by Alan DeNiro
Moving Parts | Magdalena Tulli | by Daniela Hurezanu
You Poor Monster | Michael Kun | by Amanda Haldy
A House at the Edge of Tears | Vénus Khoury-Ghata | by Andrew Palmer
Charlie P | Richard Kalich | by Scott Bryan Wilson
Black Marks | Kirsten Dinnall Hoyte | by Tim W. Brown
Hidden Camera | Zoran Zivkovic | by Matthew Cheney
Under Kilimanjaro | Ernest Hemingway | by Ryder W. Miller
The Wake | Margo Glantz | by Kristin Thiel
The Old Child | Jenny Erpendeck | by Douglas Messerli
Human Oddities | Noria Jablonski | by Amy Shearn
Temping | Kirby Olson | by Jim Feast
The Dance Partner | Diane Glancy | by Kristin Thiel
Forgetfulness | Michael Mejia | by Rikki Ducornet
Branwell | Douglas A. Martin | by Erick Mertz
Giovanna's 86 Circles | Paola Corso | by Daniela Gioseffi
The Wild Creatures | Sam D'Alessandro |
by Ed Taylor
Terror-Dot-Gov | Harold Jaffe | by Matthew Roberson
The Turning | Tim Winton | by Matthew Duffus


Beatrice's Spell | Belinda Jack | by Kris Lawson
The Knife Man | Wendy Moore | by Michelle Mitchell-Foust
The River of Doubt | Candice Millard | by Allan Vorda
My Confederate Kinfolk | Thulani Davis | by Shannon Gibney
Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty | John Burke & Kaj Halberg | by Carrie Mercer
The Dada Seminars | Leah Dickerman & Matthew S. Witkovsky | by Jay Besemer
Dada | Leah Dickerman | by Eric Lorberer
Invisible Green | Donald Revell | by Lynnell Edwards
The Downtown Book | edited by Marvin J. Taylor | by Michael Lindgren
Jewish Writing and the Deep Places of the Imagination | Mark Krupnik | by Spencer Dew
The Ongoing Moment | Geoff Dyer | by Scott Esposito


The Elegy on Hats | Stephen Berg | by Clayton Eshleman
Shadowtime | Charles Bernstein | by Richard Deming
Starred Wire | Ange Mlinko | by Rosanne Wasserman
Pieces of Air in the Epic | Brenda Hillman | by Cindra Halm
Doings | Jackson Mac Low | by Christopher Luna
Recumbents | Michel Deguy | by Stuart Kendall
Join the Planets | Reed Bye | by Mark Terrill
Practice, Restraint | Laura Sims | by Aaron McNally
Déjà Vu Diner | Leonard Gontarek | by Adam Fieled
Undanceable | Merrill Gilfillan | by Elizabeth Robinson
Quipu | Arthur Sze | by Richard Deming
The Time at the End of this Writing and 60 lv bo(e)mbs | Paolo Javier | by Joyelle McSweeney


The Making of the Graphic Novel / The Resonator | Prentis Rollins | by John F. Barber
Wimbledon Green | Seth | by Todd Robert Peterson
Lost Dogs | Jeff Lemire | by Todd Robert Peterson
Interiorae #1 | Gabriella Giandelli | by Jeff Robertson Alford
Apparat | Warren Ellis, et al. | by Rudi Dornemann

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