Libba Bray

When Evie gets drummed out of Ohio for uncovering a scandal with her special powers, it is the best thing that could have happened to her. It is the Roaring Twenties, and Evie’s bobbed cut and short skirts don’t fit in with Ohio’s more conservative circles, let alone her more wondrous abilities. When she ends up working in her uncle Will’s dreary place of business, The Museum of American Folklore (a.k.a. The Museum of the Creepy Crawlies), Evie’s ability to divine information just by touching an object gets her into trouble. She soon discovers she isn’t the only one with secrets: Will’s assistant Jericho, the Ziegfield Folly dancer Theta and her musical friend Henry, and the writer/hustler Memphis each play their supernatural roles as the Pentacle killer strikes again and again, culminating in an awakening of evil so horrific it’s enough to give you “the heebie-jeebies.” In The Diviners, Libba Bray creates a rousing thriller punctuated with the lingo of the times that catapults the reader from one hair-raising situation to the next. It’s not only the cat’s pajamas, but also makes a great summer read.