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R. CRUMB: Conversations

Edited by D. K. Holm University Press of Mississippi ($20) by Todd Robert Petersen R. Crumb: Conversations is the latest in the University Press of Mississippi's Conversations with Comic Artists series, which has featured such luminaries as Charles Schultz (Peanuts), Carl Barks (Donald Duck), and Milton Caniff (Steve Canyon). That a university press is backing this […]

MEN OF TOMORROW: Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book

Gerard Jones Basic Books ($26) by Paul Buhle Men of Tomorrow is one of those surprise critical hits that uplift the lowest rungs of popular culture without seeking, as would surely have been done in earlier generations, to uplift and rationalize them as gentility in deep disguise. Postmodernism and a few vindications of talent in comic […]

LOUIS: Dreams Never Die

Múm / Hey / Metaphrog FatCat / Metaphrog Books ($14.99) by Adam Hall Between its surreal illustrations and trippy vocabulary, Franco-Scottish duo Metaphrog's forays into what it terms "graphic fiction" offer something to savor and wonder at in each caption of its genre-busting works of art. Louis—Dreams Never Die, Metaphrog's latest effort, is wholly its own […]


MTC Cronin Shearsman Books ($15.95) by Richard Owens First published in 1993, MTC Cronin's work has increasingly resonated and rippled outward from her native Australia, finding solid support in the U.S. and the U.K. where small presses have vigorously promoted her work and published several of her collections. Cronin's tenth and most recent book,<More or […]

MARCH 18, 2003

Michael Lally Libellum ($10) by Larry Sawyer Michael Lally's March 18, 2003 is at once as simple and commonplace as a handshake and as complex and varied as a hypothetical dissection of the strata that might compose the geological terrain of some distant planet. The poem is titled thus because it was first read on March 18, […]


Damon Krukowski Turtle Point Press ($14.95) by Chris Stroffolino When thinking about the rock star as poet phenomenon, one may notice that, in contrast to the Leonard Cohens and Patti Smiths of previous generations (who were known as poets before they became rock musicians), many of the names tossed around today first achieved their notoriety […]

Tomaz Salamun on Tomaz Salamun

Blackboards Tomaz Salamun and Metka Krasovec Translated by Michael Biggins with the author Saturnalia Books ($16) by John Bradley Tomaz Salamun, you've done it again! I'm only kidding, of course. I NEVER review my own books, and I would have obeyed this commandment if it were not for the overgenerous kindness of this damn editor, […]

IMPORTED BREADS: Literature of Cultural Exchange

Edited by Phillip Sterling Mammoth Books ($19.95) by C. A. Tenz Recipients of Fulbright grants situate themselves intimately in the countries they visit for educational scholarship, whether they arrive as student, scholar, or lecturer. The position affords these people a prestige that shines through in many of the pieces included in Imported Breads: Literature of Cultural […]


William Zink Sugar Loaf Press ($9) by Justin Maxwell Released in the summer of 2004, this multi-genre collection by William Zink focuses on the then-impending presidential election, using a variety of different literary methodologies to promote a liberal/progressive agenda. This proselytization is so fundamental to the book's vision that even the copyright notice gives complete […]


M. Allen Cunningham Unbridled Books ($24.95) by Kris Lawson A lyrical book about a brutal childhood, The Green Age of Asher Witherow spins a deceptively simple tale from a language as delicate as lace. Told from the point of view of an old man looking back on his childhood in a California mining town, the book […]