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Mexifornia: A State of Becoming

Victor Davis Hanson Encounter Books ($21.95) by Anis Shivani Victor Davis Hanson, classics professor at Cal State Fresno, conservative military historian in favor with the current administration, and long-time California Central Valley farmer, has taken a crack at charting a middle course on the thorny problem of illegal Mexican immigration. On this issue, both the […]

The Oath: A Surgeon Under Fire

Khassan Baiev (with Ruth and Nicholas Daniloff) Walker & Co. ($26) by Scott Esposito Recently, much has been made of the Pentagon's choice to prevent the distribution of images of American soldiers killed during the Iraq war. This gesture speaks volumes to the effect the brutality of war can have on people when that brutality […]

Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel Of Thomas

Elaine Pagels Random House ($24.95) by H. E. Everding As the biblical scholar Marcus Borg has said, "You can believe all the right things, and still be a jerk." In a sense, that's what Elaine Pagels experienced when after her son's near fatal illness she sought solace from a form of Christianity that represented faith […]

Lives in Translation: Bilingual Writers on Identity and Creativity

Edited by Isabelle de Courtivron Palgrave ($22.95) by Karl Krause True to its title, most of the essays collected in Isabelle de Courtivron's Lives in Translation focus on lives: first person narratives, struggles, and ponderings about life as an Other. Love affairs with languages and their emotional histories abound as these writers contemplate writing in […]

Getting Personal: Selected Writings

Phillip Lopate Basic Books ($25) By Ricky Opaterny It is no small irony that Philip Lopate is considered a master of the personal essay and yet his work is almost entirely out of print. Getting Personal, a selection of essays that range from the confessional to first-person journalism and criticism, draws work from six of […]

War is a Racket

Smedley Butler Feral House ($9.95) by Joel Turnipseed It's easy enough to imagine the long history of Marine Corps war heroes: Dan Daly cutting the pistol from a dead horse to continue fighting in Haiti, where he earned his second Medal of Honor; barrel-chested Lewis "Chesty" Puller, serving in campaigns stretching from World War I […]

Poets of World War II

Edited by Harvey Shapiro The Library of America ($20) by Jeffrey Alfier This anthology is one in a new series called the American Poets Project, an effort intended to produce a "compact national library of American poetry." Editor Harvey Shapiro—himself a veteran of 35 combat missions as a B-17 tail gunner—sets a solemn tone for […]

Book of Haikus

Jack Kerouac Edited by Regina Weinreich Penguin Poets ($13) by Keith Abbott If we talk about nothing, doesn't the talk become something? And don't we see, or think we see, the nothing through our something? What this process can achieve is a sense of space. There's this much room between the nothing we wish to […]