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Robert Polidori edited by Elizabeth Culbert Steidl ($75.00) by David Taylor Many viewers will have seen Robert Polidori's photographs in magazines such as The New Yorker, and may remember them as sharp illustrations of urban landscapes, artistic documents of the incontrovertibly real. Those fortunate enough to have seen his work in a gallery setting may […]

One Hundred Paintings Series

Federico Zeri & Marco Dolcetta translated by Diana Sears| NDE Publishing ($14.95 each) by Kelly Everding It seems a basic human need to glean the greatest achievements in any given medium into a tidy list, usually the round figure of one hundred, especially at the end of a century. We like to mop up the […]

The Body and the Book: Writing from a Mennonite Life

Julia Kasdorf Johns Hopkins ($26) by Sarah Fox Julia Kasdorf is the author of two collections of poems, The Sleeping Preacher, published in 1992 and Eve's Striptease, published in 1998. This new book—a more literal "collection" of essays, poems, photographs, and other illustrations—ostensibly attempts to examine aspects of Mennonite life from her personal experience as […]

Free Flight | Air Rage

Free Flight: From Airline Hell to a New Age of Travel James Fallows Public Affairs ($25) Air Rage: Crisis in the Skies Anonymous and Andrew R. Thomas Prometheus Books ($20) by Peter Ritter James Fallows, the Atlantic Monthly's national correspondent, is flying his private airplane on a transcontinental jaunt when he's hit by a revelation: […]

I Thought My Father Was God: And Other True Tales from NPR's National Story Project

edited by Paul Auster Henry Holt ($25) by Sarah Fox I Thought My Father Was God anthologizes 179 stories (plus one story quoted in its entirety in the Introduction) culled from the 4,000 Paul Auster received after inviting listeners of National Public Radio to participate in the "National Story Project" by sending "true stories that […]

The Angelus Bell

Edward Foster Spuyten Duyvil ($12) by John Olson I knew a witty physician who found theology in the biliary duct, and used to affirm that if there was disease in the liver, the man became a Calvinist, and if that organ was sound, he became a Unitarian. —Ralph Waldo Emerson I do not pretend to […]