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The Minor Miracles of Will Eisner

THE LAST KNIGHT NBM ($7.95) LAST DAY IN VIETNAM Dark Horse ($10.95) MINOR MIRACLES DC Comics ($29.95) by Eric Lorberer It's a platitude that has been repeated often, but it bears saying again: Will Eisner is one of the great masters of narrative sequential art, a.k.a. the comics. A generation after pioneers such as Winsor […]

CEREBUS: an introductory survey

  by Thomas P. Kalb I hate to say it, but there aren't many comic books that are worth rereading. Let me hasten to append the fact that I am no literary snob; I have been reading comic books for some thirty-three years, ever since my mother, impressed by my dedication to the Adam West […]


Hilary Spurling HarperCollins ($20) by Nathan Leslie Hilary Spurling's new biography, La Grande Thérèse, is partially a footnote to her fecund The Unknown Matisse, a work that cast new and revealing light onto the early modernist painter. Where the undercurrent of The Unknown Matisse was heroism and dignity, Spurling's latest biography is a bon-bon of deceit, a tale of a […]


Dana Sachs Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill ($22.95) by Brian Foye Single, female, American, born in the 1960s and so too young for any first-hand experience with the American war in Vietnam: these rough facts function as a scaffold for Dana Sachs's experiences in Vietnam. Her new memoir, The House on Dream Street, speaks in an […]


edited by the editors of Lingua Franca University of Nebraska Press ($23.95) by Doug Nufer Growing up with superhero comics, I used to wonder why one of their standard plot devices, the hoax, seldom occurred in the real world. Then came Vietnam, a swirl of assassinations, Watergate, and the CIA's overthrow of Allende, i.e., ten years of […]


James Atlas Random House ($35) by Eric J. Iannelli Saul Bellow has certainly reserved a place for himself in the literary Valhalla. His novels helped re-define American literature after WWII—an influence that won him two National Book Awards, the Pulitzer Prize (1975), and the Nobel Prize (1976). His success was largely a mix of good […]

SCIENCE IS FICTION: The Films of Jean Painlevé

edited by Masaki Bellows and Marina McDougall with Brigitte Berg The MIT Press / Brico Press ($39.95) by Kelly Everding Certain books unveil the marvelous, offering those that encounter them a glimpse into strange new worlds. Such an experience is guaranteed to readers of Science is Fiction: The Films of Jean Painlevé. Anyone who thinks the love […]

THE MEASURE OF LIFE: Virginia Woolf's Last Years

Herbert Marder Cornell University Press ($35) by Carolyn Kuebler In his "Prelude" to The Measure of Life, Herbert Marder tells a story about his "somewhat offbeat" decision, as a graduate student at Columbia in the '60s, to write his thesis on Virginia Woolf's novels. Woolf, who wasn't yet part of the standard college syllabus, was also […]


Kim Addonizio Boa Editions ($12.95) by Sean Thomas Dougherty Kim Addonizio's third collection continues the dialectic of urban despair—the dialogue between bar room and beauty, between sorrow songs and simple prayers—that has earned her a wide readership and many honors. Addonizio's poems depict a landscape of failed relationships, drunken lovers, and barroom drawl. She creates […]