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Publishing as Practice

Edited by Ulises Inventory Press ($35) by Michael Workman Publishing as Practice is the highly commended product of an artist-as-publisher residency held from 2017-2019 at the storefront art space Ulises in Philadelphia. Named after the poet, publisher, and philosopher Ulises Carrión, the space was founded by a curatorial collective composed of Nerissa Cooney, Lauren Downing, […]

“It’s a much better interview because it doesn’t exist”:
An Interview with Lance Olsen

by Davis Schneiderman “Look: I am standing inside the color yellow,” says Vincent Van Gogh at the opening of Lance Olsen’s 2009 novel Head in Flames (Chiasmus Press). Evocative and vaguely synesthetic, this is an impossibly quintessential Olsen line—his work reads like an index of “the multiple” in an age where that old gag (writing […]