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Made in Detroit

Marge Piercy Alfred A. Knopf ($27.95) by George Longenecker Some may ask how a writer with nineteen books of poetry and seventeen novels can have anything new to say, yet Marge Piercy’s newest book, Made in Detroit, is one of her most compelling. These poems are richly layered with unforgettable imagery and succinct narratives. While […]

Two by Dylan Horrocks

Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen Dylan Horrocks Fantagraphics ($29.99) Incomplete Works Dylan Horrocks Victoria University Press ($19.99) by Stephen Burt If you want a graphic novel—no, let’s call them comics—if you want a book-length comic that’s wry and thoughtful and endlessly suggestive about the theory and practice of making comics; about the long international […]

A Philosophy of Walking

Frédéric Gros Translated by John Howe Verso ($16.95) by John Toren In a pinch, walking will get us from place to place, though for the most part, we hardly think about it, except in so far as distances are concerned. We ask ourselves, how far is it from the parking ramp to the concert hall, […]

The Guilty

Juan Villoro Translated by Kim Traube George Braziller, Inc. ($15.95) by Peter Grandbois Juan Villoro has been a well respected and widely read writer in Latin America and Spain for many years, publishing five novels and eight short story collections along with numerous children’s books and a steady output of articles on sports and music […]

Loving Day

Mat Johnson Spiegel & Grau ($26) by Elizabeth Tannen “Race doesn’t exist, but tribes are fucking real.” So declares Warren Duffy, the middle-aged, recently divorced comic-book artist who narrates Mat Johnson’s Loving Day, a novel as richly entertaining as it is smart. Warren, like the author, is mixed-race, born of an Irish father and African-American […]

The Folded Clock: A Diary

Heidi Julavits Doubleday ($26.95) by Lindsay Gail Gibson “Often,” as Virginia Woolf observed in a 1929 essay, “nothing tangible remains of a woman’s day.” By nightfall, “the food that has been cooked is eaten”; eventually, even “the children that have been nursed have gone out into the world.” The Folded Clock, a new work by […]


Dan Beachy-Quick Tupelo Press ($16.95) by M. Lock Swingen When the aesthetic climate of our age champions recursive internet memes and pop culture references, irreducibly knitted mash-ups and bottomless wells of meta-this and meta-that, the poetic corpus of Dan Beachy-Quick, in contrast, hungers refreshingly for source and origin. The poems of his latest book, gentlessness, sift […]

Before and During

Vladimir Sharov Translated by Oliver Ready Dedalus Europe ($19.99) by Lori Feathers Short of acquiring fame, our earthly lives are destined for oblivion. For a time after we die we live on, so to speak, in the memories of friends and family who survive us. But when they too die, any real understanding of the […]