Rain Taxi @ AWP

Rain Taxi had a great time helping to host thousands of AWP attendees in the most literate city in the country! From the get-go, Rain Taxi was there welcoming people at the airport and passing out free copies of our magazine. At the conference, Rain Taxi editor Eric Lorberer chaired a panel on the Ethics of Book Reviewing and emceed an investigation into Literature and Hip Hop. And every evening we showcased literature too, with amazing poets stepping up to honor Rain Taxi’s 20th Anniversary at the Walker Art Center on Thursday, a tribute to seminal punk band Hüsker Dü at Patrick’s Cabaret on Friday, and a celebration of poet Frank Stanford with our friends Copper Canyon Press and Third Man Books at Grumpy’s Bar on Saturday. Below are some pictorial collages of everything we packed into three big days.

Rain Taxi at AWP Book Fair and Conference


Clockwise: Isaac Faleschini and Pamela Klinger-Horn at MSP Airport greeting AWP attendees; Hip Hop as Literature featured panel; Doomtree green face at Rain Taxi booth; Rain Taxi Booth shot; Brian Evenson, Rusty Morrison, Eric Lorberer, Stephen Burt, and Karen Long at Ethics of Book Reviewing panel. Center: Dessa, Eric Lorberer, and Kevin Beacham after the panel.


Rain Taxi at the Walker Art Center


Clockwise: Anne Carson; Nicole Peyrafitte and Pierre Joris; Rain Taxi table, Elenie Sikelianos and Brian Laidlaw; Stephen Burt signing; Gary Dop; Amanda Nadelberg; Stephen Burt, Alex Lemon; Forrest Gander and Brian Laidlaw (center).

Rain Taxi Expatriates Reading featured Stephen Burt, Gary Dop, Alex Lemon, and Amanda Nadelberg.
Rain Taxi's Greatest Hits Reading featured: Anne Carson, Forrest Gander, Peter Gizzi, Pierre Joris & Nicole Peyrafitte, Eleni Sikelianos & Brian Laidlaw, Cole Swensen, and Dara Wier.


Minnesota Expats portraits by Rosanne Wasserman:

Scanned Document

Greatest Hits poet portraits by Rosanne Wasserman:

Scanned Document

A Literary Tribute to Grant Hart and Hüsker Dü


Clockwise: Constance Squires; crowd shot at Patrick's Cabaret; attendees file in for show; Michael Fournier; Tim Horvath; Eric Lorberer; Hoa Nguyen; Paula Cisewski; Grant Hart (center).


Freedom, Revolt & Love: Frank Stanford Celebration


Clockwise: Crowd shot at Grumpy's; Michael Wiegers; Kelly Forsythe; Elaina Ellis; people piling in; Eric Lorberer; Chet Weise; Brett Eugene Ralph (center).