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Third Mind: Creative Writing through Visual Art

Edited by Tonya Foster and Kristin Prevallet Teachers & Writers Collaborative ($19.95) by Thomas Bell When I wanted another mind I chose a visual one. Then I moved out into spatial, gestural, and visceral minds. Once started I found out these directions were rooted in experimental approaches to poetry that began roughly 100 years ago, […]

Cogito, Ergo Sum: The Life of René Descartes

Richard Watson David R. Godine ($35) by Brian Charles Clark René Descartes' life and times have been gone over with a fine tooth comb. Within a few decades of his death, in 1650, the first biography appeared: La Vie de Monsieur Des-Cartes (1691). A steady stream of biographies have appeared since then—though none, as Richard […]

Weird Sex & Snowshoes and Other Canadian Film Phenomena

Katherine Monk forward by Atom Egoyan Raincoast Books ($18.95) by Brian K. Bergen-Aurand After only a few titles and a handful of directors, such as David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan, Michael Snow, and Norman Jewison, many filmgoers' cachés concerning Canadian cinema run dry. Thankfully, Katherine Monk's book can alleviate that arid condition. Composed of thematically driven […]

An American Cycling Odyssey, 1887

Kevin J. Hayes University of Nebraska Press ($28) by Doug Nufer George Nellis (1865-1948) rode a bicycle from New York state to San Francisco in 1887. He covered 3369 miles in 72 days, setting an imprecise but impressive transcontinental cycling record. He rode about ten hours and wrote up to three hours a day, partly […]

The World in Time and Space: Towards a History of Innovative American Poetry in Our Time

Edited by Edward Foster and Joseph Donahue Talisman House ($25.95) by Chris McCreary In The World in Time and Space, Alan Golding's closing essay "New, Newer, and Newest American Poetries" surveys the numerous major anthologies of 20th-century innovative writing that all position themselves, in one way or another, as the true heir to Donald Allen's […]

the volcano sequence

Alicia Suskin Ostriker University of Pittsburgh Press ($12.95) by Julie Drake If a reader is very lucky, maybe once a year will she come across a book of poetry that will change how she views the world. As 2002 comes to a close, this reader is happy to report the volcano sequence is that book. […]

Nice Hat. Thanks.

Joshua Beckman and Matthew Rohrer Verse Press ($10) by Jen Bervin When Joshua Beckman and Matthew Rohrer read together at the St. George Poetry Festival in September, they asked the audience to provide topics for improvised poems. Amid anticipatory silence that crackled with palpable energy, they took turns meting out a single word (or line, […]

The Sense Record

Jennifer Moxley Edge Books ($12.50) by Arielle Greenberg Although it doesn't engage in the coy cleverness and pranks pulled by many of her "emerging" poetic peers, Jennifer Moxley's second full-length collection, The Sense Record, is absolutely postmodern, evoking a world in which Eros appears outside a two-car garage. It's also a hard book, the way […]