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Stranger by Night

Edward Hirsch Alfred A. Knopf ($27) by Bhisham Bherwani Edward Hirsch has enjoyed a fecund career not only as a poet, but also as a critic, a teacher, an editor, and a public advocate of poetry. His life and work informed by artists and writers, he has embraced many to great effect in his poetry […]

Winter 2020-2021

INTERVIEWS A Landscape Of Dignity: A Conversation With Ai Weiwei And Ian Boyden We’re so proud to publish “A Landscape of Dignity,” a conversation with Ai Weiwei and Ian Boyden discussing art, poetry, and cross-cultural collaboration. Interview by Stephanie Elliott Prieto Oceans of Memory: An interview with Chris Wiewiora Wiewiora discusses his travelogue memoir, The […]

Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and its Urgent Lessons for Our Own

Eddie S. Glaude Jr. Crown ($27) by Mike Dillon In her much-lauded These Truths: A History of the United States, Jill Lepore noted the convergence of a pair of history-altering events in the Colony of Virginia. The General Assembly, convened in Jamestown on July 30, 1619, constituted the first elected, representative gathering on the North […]