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Jack Driscoll Dorling Kendersley ($22.95) by Peter Ritter The American road novel—that well-tread paean to joyous delinquency—has now been rewritten so many times that it's become something like a scruffy cousin to genre fiction: we know what to expect when the boyish rebel slips behind the wheel and guns off into the sunset, hell-bent on […]


Michelle Tea Seal Press ($13) by Christine Kennick Not quite a novel but more than a memoir, Michelle Tea's Valencia is a lesbian manifesto, a portrait of a life lived outside the mainstream. Tea's high-energy prose gives the reader a cinema-verite style peek at her world, bouncing us from street to bar to party in San Francisco's […]


Mark Z. Danielewski Pantheon ($20) by Doug Nufer Things aren't what they seem to be in this "second printing" of a novel that originally appeared in a different form on the Net. Proportions shift through and through, so that even the length of this 700+ page book seems impossibly dense, with an inner narrative layered […]

Armand Schwerner Part II

SELECTED SHORTER POEMS Armand Schwerner Junction Press ($16) by Eric Lorberer Not so much lyrics as discrete pieces of a larger tapestry, these shorter poems of Armand Schwerner combine the adroit playfulness and formidable erudition of the master architect of The Tablets. When placed beside that volume and his Cantos from Dante's Inferno, this book completes […]