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Lessons from a Dark Time

Adam Hochschild University of California Press ($27.95) by M. Lock Swingen With the skillset of a resourceful journalist, the far-ranging scope of a historian, and the passionate fervor of an activist, bestselling author Adam Hochschild shares the stories of gutsy and bold individuals from across the world who have taken a stand against authoritative governments, […]

Islamophobia, Race,
and Global Politics

Nazia Kazi Rowman & Littlefield ($32) by Spencer Dew The central focus of Nazia Kazi’s new book is white supremacy and the state-sanctioned violence that both emerges from and supports it. She opens with the murder of Philando Castile, and, explaining how her rage over such slaughter fueled her writing, begins to unravel the links […]

The Alley of Fireflies
and Other Stories

Raymond Roussel translated by Mark Ford The Song Cave ($17.95) by W. C. Bamberger Translator Mark Ford’s introduction to The Alley of Fireflies once again sets out for readers what is known about the mechanisms Raymond Roussel used to create his writings. Roussel (born 1877, died by suicide in 1933) was a proponent of the […]

The Annotated Big Sleep

Raymond Chandler Vintage Crime/Black Lizard ($25) by Ryder W. Miller In his Forward to The Annotated Big Sleep, a hefty tome that contains almost equal amounts of commentary as story text, Jonathan Lethem writes, “The replacement of our intuitions of these things with firm knowledge creates a breathtaking effect.” Indeed, this classic book, as annotators […]

The Gradual Disappearance of Jane Ashland

Nicolai Houm translated by Anna Paterson Tin House Books ($15.95) by Rick Henry There are no spoiler alerts needed here: The Gradual Disappearance of Jane Ashland opens with the title character, a writer and teacher at the University of Wisconsin, alone and slowly freezing to death in the northern wilderness of Norway. ”Now, while she […]

The Milk Bowl of Feathers:
Essential Surrealist Writings

Edited by Mary Ann Caws New Directions ($13.95) by John Bradley Surrealism: “the domain of thought and experience beyond the daily and the convergence of dream and reality—inside and out, day and night, as with a swinging door,” writes Mary Ann Caws, a well-known Surrealism scholar, particularly of French Surrealism. In Surrealism “Everything is new, […]

Mort Cinder

Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Alberto Breccia translated by Erica Mena Fantagraphics ($29.99) by John Pistelli Mort Cinder is the first volume in The Alberto Breccia Library, a projected series that will present the legendary Argentine comics artist’s work to English-speaking audiences. The back cover of the book advertises Breccia as a forerunner of American creators […]

A Declaration of the Rights
of Human Beings

Raoul Vaneigem Translated by Liz Heron PM Press ($20) by George Longenecker In this second edition of A Declaration of the Rights of Human Beings, Raoul Vaneigem expands upon the first edition published seventeen years ago. Best known for his 1967 work The Revolution of Everyday Life, the Belgian author was a member of the […]

Collected Intros and Outros

Michael Chabon Harper Perennial ($16.99) by Erin Lewenauer On the heels of his 2018 book Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces, Pulitzer-prize winning author Michael Chabon follows his non-fiction writing trail with Bookends, a series of brief essays, introductions, afterwords, and liner notes about things he holds dear. The core of Chabon’s heart has always revolved around […]

Everyone Is Guilty:
An Interview with Rick Harsch

Interviewed by Anne Kniggendorf Although known as a master of Midwestern noir, Rick Harsch is adamant that his most recent publication is not a crime novel. The author of the acclaimed “Driftless Trilogy,” he recently released his ninth book, Voices After Evelyn (Maintenance Ends Press, $19.95) The story is firmly planted in the aftermath of […]