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STICKY Dale Lazarov and Steve MacIsaac Bruno Gmünder ($19.95) IN BED WITH DAVID AND JONATHAN Tom Bouden Bruno Gmünder ($22.95) by Jay Besemer I knew I was in love when I saw his Ape Sex T-shirt. Well, maybe not love, exactly, but I knew I wanted him. Him and his boyfriend and the protagonists of […]


Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie Top Shelf Productions ($75) by Eric Lorberer Sequential visual narrative is an amazing art form, and it's quite possible that we are witnessing its golden age. Take for example the justly renowned work of British writer Alan Moore. His Swamp Thing re-invented horror comics, and his Watchmen remains the apotheosis of the superhero genre; V […]


Edited by Paisley Currah, Richard M. Juang, and Shannon Price Minter University of Minnesota Press ($19.95) by Matthew Cheney Here we have what many anthologies aspire to be and the best achieve: a book that houses a lively, informative array of ideas, opinions, suggestions, arguments, and purposes. Here we also have what more anthologies should […]

THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: Prophecy and the American Voice

Greil Marcus Farrar, Straus & Giroux ($25) by Michael Lindgren This diffuse, frustrating, and occasionally brilliant book continues in the vein of cultural criticism that Greil Marcus has made his own over the last thirty years. Starting in 1975 with the now-classic Mystery Train, Marcus has spent his entire career working variations on one fairly simple […]


Kimberly Warner-Cohen Ig Publishing, $13.95 by Tim W. Brown The (anti-)heroine of Sex, Blood and Rock 'n' Roll, Cassie Chambers, is a normal young woman, at least by New York's East Village standards. She works at a clothing store on St. Mark's Place and lives with a boyfriend whose band plays regularly at clubs like CBGB […]


Brane Mozetič Translated by Tamara Soban Talisman House ($14.95) by Robert Murray Davis The cover photo of Passion, featuring boots, chains, and belt buckles, indicates clearly that Brane Mozetic is not writing about the kind of sanitized homosexuals like those on TV's "Will and Grace," virginal as housewives in a 1950s sitcom. Perhaps that is why […]


Elizabeth McClung Arsenal Pulp Press ($17.95) by Rod Smith Twenty bucks says that Elizabeth's McClung's hellishly engaging first novel never makes it to film—at least not intact—which is sad. Zed not only merits cinematic interpretation, it demands it. Set in "the Tower," a rickety, 22-story apartment building more or less abandoned by the city it once occupied, […]


Alex Kuo University of Indianapolis Press ($16.95) by Lucas Klein Avant-garde poetry in English, since Ezra Pound, has been infatuated with China, incorporating its exoticisms, its ideograms, its philosophies, and its aesthetics into its explorations of new verse. And yet, much of this poetry relies on a knowledge of China somewhat less than expert; Pound […]


Eileen Tabios Moria Books ($10) by Garin Cycholl We all live in a company town. That much seems clear. The question of how we inhabit that town is the question addressed by Eileen Tabios's Post Bling Bling, a pair of cross-genre works. Here, Tabios investigates marketing culture through found and shared language in tightly defined moments, a collection […]