Volume 23, Number 4 Winter 2018 (#92)

Volume 23, Number 4, Winter 2018 (#92)

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Kate Schwehn: Object Lessons | interviewed by Molly Sutton Kiefer
Steve Dalachinsky: Poetry Should Always Be Moving | interviewed by Jim Feast
Melissa Scholes Young: An Unraveling of Stories | interviewed by Melissa Fraterrigo


Lawrence Ferlinghetti on the cusp of 100 | by Jonah Raskin
A Personal View: Harry Mulisch’s The Assault | by Dennis Barone
The New Life | a comic by Gary Sullivan
Widely Unavailable: But Is It Poetry? | Duane Ackerson, Ed. | by Richard Kostelanetz
Remembering Donald Hall: Trees of Eagle Pond Farm | by Jennifer van Alstyne


Cover art by Erica Williams:


Don’t Hide the Madness: William S. Burroughs in Conversation with Allen Ginsberg | Steven Taylor, Ed. | by Christopher Luna
The Battle For Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists | Naomi Klein | by Spencer Dew
The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies | Ben Fritz | by Ryder W. Miller
Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump | Gary Lachman | by Zack Kopp
Time Pieces: A Dublin Memoir | John Banville | by Daniel Picker
Notes From the Woodshed | Jack Whitten | by Patrick James Dunagan
Wasteland: The Great War and the Originas of Modern Horror | W. Scott Poole | by Chris Barsanti


Eleanor or the Rejection of the Progress of Love | Anna Moschovakis | by Bethany Catlin
The Bottom of the Sky | Rodrigo Fresán | by E.J. Iannelli
The Diaries of Emilio Renzi: Formative Years | Ricardo Piglia | by Erik Noonan
Some Trick: Thirteen Stories | Helen DeWitt | by Chris Via
Trip Wires | Sandra Hunter | by Matthew Cheney
The Immigrant’s Refrigerator | Elena Georgiou | by George Longenecker
Bedeviled | Pat Matsueda | by Jackie Trytten
My Year of Rest and Relaxation | Ottessa Moshfegh | by Jeremiah Moriarty
The Fairy Tale Museum | Susannah M. Smith | by Laura Nicoara
White Dancing Elephants | Chaya Bhuvaneswar | by Katharine Coldiron
Mem | Bethany C. Morrow | by Rachael Nevins


The Island Cycle: Fire Exit, Uncertainties, The Hexagon, Heart Thread, Calls | Robert Kelly | by Barbara Roether
Father’s on the Phone with the Flies | Herta Müller | by John Bradley
The Patron Saint of Cauliflower | Elizabeth Cohen | by Celia Bland
The Sexiest Man Alive | Amber Nelson | by Greg Bem
Richfield Poems | Trevor Simmons | by Matthew McGuire
Shell Game | Jordan Davis | by Henry Gould
Garage Elegies | Stephen Kessler | by Jonah Raskin
Ghost Opera | Mercedes Roffé | by Ruth Danon
Psychic Privates | Kim Vodicka | by Greg Bem
Aardvark to Axolotl: Pictures from My Grandfather’s Dictionary | Karen Donovan | by Bethany Catlin


The Communist Manifesto | Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, adapted by Martin Rowson
Kafkaesque | Peter Kuper | by Paul Buhle

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