Vol. 15, No.4, Winter 2010 (#60)

William Gibson, Lynda Barry, Lewis Hyde, Adonis, Eileen Myles, Aleister Crowley, and much more... purchase now


Lewis Hyde: Citizen Artistinterviewed by Weston Cutter
William Gibson: The Future of Our History | interviewed by Niels Strandskov


Aleister Crowley’s The Diary of a Drug Fiend | by Spencer Dew
mnartists.org presents: Making the Break with Alec Soth | by Andy Sturdevant


The New Lifeby Gary Sullivan
Chapbook Corner | reviewed by Noah Eli Gordon
featuring Hesiod | by Geoffrey G. O'BrienTry A Little Time | by Natalie Lyalin; and I Is to Vorticism | by Ben Mirov



Death as a Side Effect | Ana María Shua | by Steve Street
Your Republic Is Calling You | Young-Ha Kim | by Scott F. Parker
Ten Years of the Caine Prize for African Writing | Chris Brazier, ed. | by Matthew Cheney
Self Portraits: Fictions | Frederic Tuten | by Dylan Hicks
Inferno | Eileen Myles | by Kate Angus
The Scoundrel and the Optimist | Maceo Montoya | by Zach Czaia
The Misadventures of the New Satan | Anton Tammsaare | by John Toren
The Red Room | August Strindberg | by Douglas Messerli
The Sacred White Turkey | Frances Washburn | by Peter Grandbois
Comedy in a Minor Key | Hans Keilson | by Yevgeniya Traps
I, Benjamin | Theodore Enslin | by David Giannini
Miracle Boy | Pinckney Benedict | by Mark Budman
Drain | Davis Schneiderman | by David Kress
Misadventure | Millard Kaufman | by Alex Gallo-Brown
Passes Through | Rob Stephenson | by Vincent Czyz
Stories of the Sea | Diana Secker Tesdell, ed. | by Ryder W. Miller
How To Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe | Charles Yu | by Nathaniel Bokenkamp
The False Friend | Myla Goldberg | by Ben Woodard


Come On All You Ghosts | Matthew Zapruder | by Abby Travis
Diwata | Barbara Jane Reyes | by LJ Moore
&: A Serial Poem | Daryl Hine | by Colin Momeyer
The Animals All Are Gathering | Bradley Paul | by Weston Cutter
Ventrakl | Christian Hawkey | by Amy Henry
To Friends of Cicadas | Mary Ferrari | by Elizabeth Robinson
The Book of Things | Aleš Šteger | by Amy Groshek
Missing You, Metropolis | Gary Jackson | by Richard Oyama
Adonis: Selected Poems | Adonis | by Spencer Dew
Graphic as a Star | Josephine Foster | by Christine Hume


Dinosaurs | Steve Brusatte & Michael Benton | by Jeff Bursey
Poets on Prozac | Richard M. Berlin | by David Ray
Were You Born on the Wrong Continent? | Thomas Geoghegan | by Burke Bindbeutel
It Is Right To Draw Their Fur | Dave Eggers | by Kevin Carollo
C. G. Jung in the Humanities | Susan Rowland | by Rinda West
Missing A Beat: The Rants and Regrets of Seymour Krim | Mark Cohen, ed. | by Richard Kostelanetz
The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide | Eva Talmadge & Justin Taylor | by Greg Baldino
)((Eco(Lang)(uage(Reader)) | Brenda Iijima, ed. | by Eric Magrane
Tales of Woe | John Reed | by Jesse Tangen-Mills
Marcel Duchamp Étant Donnés | Julian Jason Haladyn | by Mason Riddle


Picture This | Lynda Barry | by Jay Besemer
Ding Dong Daddy from Dingburg | Bill Griffith | by Paul Buhle
Siegel & Schuster’s Funnyman | Thomas Andrae and Mel Gordon | by John Pistelli

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