2012 Rain Taxi Readings


Walker Art Center, Thursday March 29

The international master of sound poetry Jaap Blonk wowed the crowd with his breath and breadth of talent, performing classic Dada sound poems by Kurt Schwitters and Raoul Hausmann, along with contemporary masterpieces by John Cage, including 4'33", and his own work on Cheek Synthesizer! If you missed it, CLICK HERE to see this spectacular performance!


The Soap Factory, Friday, April 27

It was standing-room only for the return of poet Amanda Nadelberg who read from her second book, Bright Brave Phenomena, from Coffee House Press. The chill spring evening was warmed considerably by the enthusiastic audience, ambient music of Roy Orb, D.MT, delicious ice cream from Sonny's, and the abundantly whimsical poetry from Nadelberg.


The Walker Art Center, Sunday, June 10, 2:00AM

We celebrated the all-night Northern Spark festival in style with a stellar reading of the amazing story "Gryphon," read by the author, Charles Baxter, in the James Turrell Sky Pesher at the Walker Art Center. "Gryphon" is a tale that pushes the mind into strange new territory, especially when the listener is already in the hypnagogic state. Visit Baxter's website to learn more about this fabulous story!

Bridge: A Gathering

Mill City Museum, Wednesday August 1

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the collapse of the I-35W bridge, Rain Taxi participated in organizing and producing an artistic reflection on the transformation of lives and community that followed in this tragedy’s wake. As part of our efforts, Rain Taxi commissioned seven poets to create new works, then published the results in an accompanying chapbook.

FREE VERSE: Bernadette Mayer, Philip Good, and Jennifer Karmin

Walker Art Center, Thursday September 13

Mayer at WalkerA wonderful reading from avant garde writer Bernadette Mayer who treated the audience to her new work The Helens of Troy, NY accompanied with a slide show of said Helens from Troy, NY. Then, along with poets Philip Good and Jennifer Karmin, proceeded to present poetry in a round-robin fashion. The audience was treated to the humorous yet deep "Untitled" poems of Good and the art-and-socially infused works of Karmin, including the Human Micropoem and a selection from Aaaaaaaaaaalice, complete with volunteers from the audience. All culminated with a collision of words as they read a poem about the higgs bosin particle! If you missed it, CLICK HERE to see this great performance!

2012 Twin Cities Book Festival

Saturday, October 13th

More than 5,200 book aficionados came to the Progress Center at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds to experience a day of readings, discussions, and literary community. Featured authors included Sharon Olds, Gerald Stern, Chris Ware, Mark Z. Danielewski, Susan Isaacs, Jeff and Ann Vandermeer, Kate Bornstein, and Candace Savage. Click here for more highlights!